The three main varieties we use are:

Gurnard - medium to firm flesh which is pale pink but turns white on cooking; succulent flesh; low oil content; sweet mild to medium flavour; suitable for all cooking methods.

Sole - white, delicate, moist flesh; low oil content; flesh turns whiter on cooking; sweet delicate flavour; cook simply by any method. Sole has roe attached to it, this can be eaten or removed before cooking with a sharp knife. The skin is left on the lower whiter fillet of the sole, this can be eaten or removed when cooked. The same applies to Brill and Flounder.

Tarakihi - medium texture; juicy flesh; low oil content; good delicate to medium flavour; suitable for all methods of cooking. In autumn they tend to feed on kelp and this can flavour the fish, giving it a stronger taste.

Varieties available occasionally:

Brill - is a flat fish with fine texture: has pale apricot coloured flesh which whitens on cooking; delicate flavour; can be fried, grilled, poached or baked.

Dory - dense white flesh; moist flesh; medium flavour; suitable for all cooking methods.

Flounder - fine textured, moist, white flesh, low oil content; delicate flavour; cook very simply by any method.

Ling - very firm dense texture; white flesh; low oil content; sweet tasting, medium flavour; holds shape well on cooking; can be cooked many ways but is very good for stir fry cooking.

Monkfish - pearly white, firm, succulent flesh; marinates well; does not flake easily; suitable for all cooking methods; ideal for soups and served cold.

Perch - white flesh of medium texture and flavour; low oil content; suitable for all methods.

Warehou - flesh of moderately firm texture; pinkish colour which lightens on cooking; medium oil content; distinct flavour; best cooked by moist heat but does suit most methods.

Cheaper varieties available occasionally (20% larger than normal but at normal price):

Red Cod - delicate texture; low oil content; flakes readily; suitable for all cooking methods.

Hoki - flesh is delicate, white and juicy with a grey skin; flakes easily, suitable all cooking methods.

Moki - medium to firm grey flesh, coarse but good eating, medium flavour, suitable all cooking methods.

Pearl - firm, white, low in fat and has a lemon flavour, good for frying and a favourite with kids.

Deluxe varieties available occasionally at a higher cost:

Blue Cod - flesh of medium texture; goes white on cooking; is lean and low in oil; has a delicate flavour; is suitable for all cooking methods.

Butterfish - very delicate, fine, rather soft white flesh; good for frying and baking. This fish feeds on seaweed, so has a high iodine content

Groper - white, firm to medium textured flesh; tends to be coarse but excellent eating; low oil content; medium flavour; suitable for all methods.

Salmon - this is the only farmed fish we sell, orange flesh, firm texture, high oil content, great for baking, grilling and barbequing.