Smoked and Frozen Fish Range

Occasionally, due to local weather and sea conditions, fresh fish may become scarce. Fortunately there are not many days when we are unable to make fresh fish deliveries but on these occasions we also stock a great range of sea frozen fish, smoked fish and frozen fillets.

Smoked Fish

Fish processed from fresh by us (mainly Hoki) then naturally smoked and frozen. Great for fish pies and a variety of other recipes.

Sea Frozen Fish

Deep Sea varieties, such as Dory, Groper, Orange Roughy, snap frozen whole on the ships minutes after being caught, then thawed out and processed by us. This fish loses absolutely none of its quality or taste and we highly recommend this product.

Frozen Fillets

We also have access to export quality frozen fillets of most of our usual varieties. High in quality and taste, but less in appearance.